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What You Should Know If You Think You're Pregnant

If you're asking yourself, "Could I be pregnant?" it's time to get some answers. Every woman deserves to be informed about their reproductive health: that's why Church & Dwight, the maker of FIRST RESPONSE™ has prepared these comprehensive resources to teach you the early signs of pregnancy, the science behind pregnancy tests and your ovulation cycle.

Early Signs of Pregnancy
Some signs of pregnancy are common knowledge, others are more subtle. Learn to detect the clues that signal it may be time to take a pregnancy test.
Discover the Signs Of Pregnancy

Accuracy & Knowing Sooner
Learn about how accurate at-home pregnancy tests are and discover the biological factors that may make a pregnancy test more sensitive than usual.
Learn About Pregnancy Test Accuracy
See our Know Six Days Sooner slideshow

How Pregnancy Tests Work
Short of visiting a doctor, a pregnancy test is the best way to answer the question "Am I pregnant?" Learn how FIRST RESPONSE™ pregnancy tests detect the hCG hormone levels in a woman's urine to determine if she is pregnant.
Find Out How Pregnancy Tests Work

Recommended Reading
Take a look at this list of resources to get even more information about pregnancy tests, fertility, and your ovulation cycle.
See the Pregnancy Reading List
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