Product Review: Two Of My Favorite Things About First Response Early Result Pregnancy Tests

Product Review By Danielle Davis

Danielle works in partnership with First Response to share her pregnancy stories. This story was originally featured on her blog, Today’s the Best Day

As a young girl, I ALWAYS knew that I wanted to be a mom! It was my dream.

But when I was just 17 years old, I was diagnosed with an extreme case of Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and was told if I were to ever get pregnant…it would be a miracle.

After being married for just six months, my husband and I were THRILLED to find out that we had created a MIRACLE. Yes! Somehow all the stars aligned and we broke all the odds. We were going to be parents!

Unfortunately, just 10 weeks into the pregnancy, we experienced our first heartbreaking miscarriage. This was only the beginning of our fertility journey and we had no idea what was in store for us over the next five years.

If you are a woman that is trying to conceive - I KNOW that you can relate to me, when I say that I spent HUNDREDS of dollars on pregnancy tests. I would take SEVERAL tests month after month, waiting for our miracle.

In fact, the lady at Target started to get to know me reaaaal well, by the time I FINALLY got a positive pregnancy test a few years ago!

Through the many years, lots of tears and countless tests purchased - I fell in love with First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test! It was the only test that I would {and will continue to!} use to find out about my miracle that I was praying so hard for.

My Top Two FAVORITE Things About First Response Early Result Pregnancy Tests Are:

1. LESS WAITING…HALLELUJAH:Because you KNOW we don’t want to have to wait ANOTHER day! Our “marriage motto” {if you will} has always been “Great things are worth waiting for…” in fact, we have it on a big sign in our home as a constant reminder. It has been so interesting as our lives have unfolded in front of us, how often that quote comes back and has even greater meaning to us as the years go by in SO MANY different situations…of course “waiting” for our miracles being a biggie! Waiting for these little babies to join us can take months and even YEARS - and those months and years can be so hard. SO much work. SO confusing. And SO heart wrenching. So as trying to conceive couples, the less waiting - the BETTER!

After showing up to the same pregnancy test aisle at Target for so long, I knew that First Response was the only brand that promised to tell you SIX days sooner than your missed period. SIX DAYS! And you KNOW that six days, when you are waiting to find out if you are pregnant, seems like SIX YEARS! So being able to find out that much sooner was the best thing I could have ever asked for.

I remember each month, I would hold the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test in my hand and just pray those double lines would show up. I wanted them there SO bad. As a trying to conceive woman, knowing if I was pregnant as soon as possible, was the icing on top of the cake! Us ladies do NOT like to wait {after all - we already have to wait a WHOLE MONTH in between periods!} so being able to test early was the biggest blessing!

2. TEST WHENEVER YOU WANT:I remember watching the clock at work, anxiously waiting for 5pm to hit so I could run to the store as fast as I could to grab a pregnancy test! It was just a few days after our InVItro implantation and I couldn’t wait any longer for the doctor to call. Of course as the impatient person I am - I took it into my own hands and was going to test it out myself.
You see, after an InVitro implantation, you are to wait a minimum of 10 days to find out if you are pregnant and if the procedure worked, but I had read online and heard from other trying to conceive community members, that you MAY be able to know if you are pregnant beforehand by taking a pregnancy test.
That was when I grabbed the first pregnancy test that I saw available and drove home.
I couldn’t take my eyes off the test as I waited for the results. Is this it?! Am I ACTUALLY pregnant?!
Slowly just one line appeared and I was heartbroken. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. After everything we had been through - I had lost hope. I was completely devastated.
The next morning I had to run into the doctor’s office for some blood work. Anyone that has gone through fertility treatments knows you pretty much LIVE at the doctor’s. I called it my second home for a while. :)
A few hours after my visit there, I was at work and my phone rang. It was truly the phone call of a lifetime. On the other end of the line it was my doctor HIMSELF. “Congratulations! YOU’RE PREGNANT!” I heard.
WAIT. WHAT?!!? My mind honestly couldn’t process the news.
Tears filled my eyes. Chills filled my body. I couldn’t believe the news for SO many reasons!
I ran to the store again {of course!} because I had to see it for MYSELF - and as I stood looking at all of the options, I knew that the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test allows you to test ANY TIME of the day - NOT just in the morning!
Although the first morning urine does contain the highest level of the pregnancy hormone, I was happy knowing that if I had to rush off to work or run errands, I could still use the First Response Early Result Pregnancy test at any time of the day and it would give me a result!
I grabbed the new test - this time using the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test and went home. I held it in my hands and said a little prayer. For the first time in four years - I MAY be getting to see 2 BOLD SOLID LINES!
And then it happened. There they were there… 2 BOLD SOLID LINES. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That day felt like a dream. And I sometimes {like now as I’m writing this} feel like I am still living in it. After everything we had been through to conceive - my little babies are my absolute world. And you know what the craziest part is?! Even though the process of trying to conceive is so hard for me and my husband - we are willing to do it over and over and over again because being parents is absolutely WORTH IT ALL. I am grateful that miracles happen! I hope that as you continue on your journey to conceiving, that your miracle will come soon. Don’t ever give up. I know with the help from First Response… we all are in good hands! Special thanks to First Response for being a sponsor of Today’s The Best Day! Although we were compensated for this article, all opinions are my own.

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