7 Tips to Help Get Pregnant Faster

When you’re trying to conceive, it seems pregnancy can’t happen soon enough. The waiting game can get old, and you may find yourself searching for how to get pregnant quickly and easily. While the pregnancy journey isn’t always fast or easy, we have 7 TTC tips to help you increase your chances.

Some Steps To Help On Your Pregnancy Journey

When you’re trying for a baby, there are only so many months that you can say, “we’re letting nature take its course.” Sometimes, even nature needs a little nudge. Here are some tips for parents-to-be that can help you learn how to get pregnant more easily.

  1. Get in sync with your menstrual cycle

    If you want to know how to conceive fast, know when you ovulate. This may seem like a no-brainer but predicting your ovulation can take much of the guesswork out of conceiving. If you plot your cycle, you’ll be able to plan sex around your most fertile days. And to be certain that you’re ovulating, use our ovulation calculator or take an ovulation test.

  2. Improve your – and your partner’s – habits to increase your chances

    When you’re trying for a baby, your partner’s little swimmers are just as important as your ovulation cycle. There are surprising factors that can negatively impact sperm quality and quantity. As you start to be more mindful of the food and drinks you put in your body, ask your partner to stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake as well, because both can affect sperm quality and function. Also, ask your partner to pay attention to where he keeps his mobile phone. Several medical studies have found that men who kept their phone close to their testicles can have poor sperm count and quality.

  3. Be mindful of sperm’s temperature when trying to get pregnant fast

    Sperm’s optimal temperature is 94 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot tubs and extra hot showers may help set the mood, but are no-nos for your partner if you’re trying to conceive quickly. Tight-fitting clothing can also raise the temperature of the testicles and affect sperm count, as can eating too much soy foods, according to the Human Reproduction journal.

  4. The right position after sex may help you get pregnant

    Although there is no “perfect” position that can help you conceive, it is harder for sperm to swim upstream, against gravity. The position you take after sex can improve your chances of getting pregnant faster and easier. Stay horizontal for at least 10 minutes after you do the deed. Don’t get up and go to the bathroom or get dressed. Just rest and let the sperm get to where they’re going. This is a perfect excuse to spend a little extra time snuggling with your partner!

  5. Stop using birth control before you start trying to conceive

    “No kidding”, you say. While it may seem intuitive, not all birth control methods affect your body in the same way. Some will stay in your system for weeks or even months after you stop taking them. When you’re hoping to get pregnant fast, check in with your OB/GYN to learn more about any potentially lasting effects from your method of birth control.

  6. Try Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant

    Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant is specially formulated for couples who are trying to get pregnant. Pre-seed is designed to be isotonic and pH-balanced similar to the vaginal environment, which aids in supporting sperm survival. Learn more about the benefits of Pre-Seed Lubricant when you’re trying to get pregnant.

  7. Schedule an appointment with your doctor

    Since you’re ready to conceive, visiting your doctor is one of the most important things you can do. Your doctor can give you advice on nutrition, lifestyle and overall health that can help you get pregnant more quickly and easily. Plus, beginning pre-natal vitamins before conception can help your body prepare to house a developing baby and help you sustain a healthy pregnancy.

And last, but not least, always remember... you and your partner got this. Here are some other resources to help: